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    Tech Stack Advisors selected for premier Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator Program

    DENVER – The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced today that six businesses have been selected for assistance with opportunity zone business investment through the Opportunity Zone Capital Accelerator Program

    OEDIT partnered with the Colorado Center for Innovation for Community Capital (CC4ICC) in early May to create the new program to support business investment rather than real estate, where the majority of Opportunity Zone investments have been made. 


    Tech-Stack Advisors is developing a multi-unit complex serving the emerging takeout and delivery markets. The facility will be made up of many kitchens offering various cuisines — customers can order from more than one and receive everything in a single delivery. The turnkey operation will allow tenants to focus on food preparation while Tech-Stack manages operations for them with an emphasis on cleanliness, community, and environmental concerns.


    McDonald’s New Tech is About to Change the Restaurant Industry

    Written by Danny K at QSR

    When McDonald’s forked up $300 million for decision-logic company Dynamic Yield in late March, it sent an eyebrow-raising ripple throughout the restaurant landscape. Firstly, the fast-food giant might have deep pockets (a market value of $142 billion), but it doesn’t dip into them for acquisitions very often. That’s an understatement. Prior to the deal, McDonald’s last sizable purchase was a $173.5 million move for Boston Market. That was 20 years ago (McDonald’s later sold the chicken brand to Sun Capital Partners).

    The other obvious question was, why did McDonald’s spend brand-acquisition-type dollars on a tech platform? The answer boils down to something the chain has eyed since CEO Steve Easterbrook outlined initial steps to reset and rebuild McDonald’s business back in May 2015. As he put it during Friday’s conference call to review second-quarter results, “We knew we had to evolve with our changing market and consumer dynamics, and we knew incremental progress wasn’t going to cut it.”

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    Optimized schedule makers/scheduling software

    Provided by “Fast Casual”

    Restaurateurs know all too well how difficult scheduling can be. Luckily, there is now software to help them get the job done. In just seconds, managers can generate and distribute a digital weekly schedule to all employees. Shift times and positions are optimized according to historical staffing patterns and forecasted sales levels to avoid over- or under-staffing. These schedules also account for employee availability, time off requests, and shift swaps– all which are done directly through the app. This technology is even capable of monitoring sales and staffing budgets to reduce overtime and ensure profitability. In fact, restaurants using scheduling software have seen up to a 2 percent reduction in labor costs. Thanks to scheduling software, getting the right people in the right place at the right time just got a whole lot easier.

    Why do I need a restaurant consultant?

    The restaurant technology space is a crowded, confusing, and fragmented marketplace. Whether you’re a first-time startup or a large chain looking to streamline or upgrade, it can be challenging to sort through all of the noise to find the best solutions for your unique operation. Many operators are happy with one aspect of their tech stack, but feel the need to add products that integrate well with what they already have. That’s where we come in.

    Leveraging extensive experience with various best of breed applications and a deep knowledge of best practices, Steve is a valuable advisor for a hospitality organization seeking guidance on current technology strategies.

    Using his strong communication skills, Steve will meet with you to identify your pain points and strengths. Based on your objectives, Steve will formulate a detailed plan to help you launch or improve your operation.

    Steve’s broad areas of expertise include bottom line management, vendor negotiations, people management, critical thinking, and startups. Save yourself time, money, and headaches by putting Steve’s knowledge to work for you.

    Steve has held leadership positions with NCR Rocky Mountains (formerly BEC), owned and operated Vision Hospitality Consultants, and spent many years in restaurant operations. (For a list of clients, see the Corporate tab.)

    Steve earned his BSBA degree in Hospitality Management & Tourism from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business